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ONEUSD is available to be used as a gateway of decentralized finance ecosystems by providing seamless peer to peer transactions networks on multichain platforms. In terms of accelerating the DeFi solutions and utilities, ONEUSD is presented and deployed as a functional stable currency to avoid volatility caused by non-stable currencies.

By reflecting to USD functional price, 1:1; ONEUSD aims to provide a steady digital currency for easing the process of utilities transfer in decentralized markets. Wrapped smart contracts on the supported blockchains’ networks allow the token holders and traders to pursue their transactions in a secure, cheap and fast ecosystem constantly.

ONEUSD uses a wrapped smart contract writing technology entails a proxy and a main sub-contract to be used in multi-chain networks upon deploying. It’s connectable by a multi-chain supported wallet to deposit, exchange and trade with other digital assets in a cumulative platform. ONEUSD is your own utility to play a key role as your own bank.

By listing on major digital assets exchanges and payment gateway providers, the asset holders can redeem and exchange their asset with other supported digital currencies seamlessly. To work as a utility, ONEUSD aims to facilitate its pairing with other widely-used digital assets through exchanges and gateway service providers.

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Market Acceleration Vision

ONEUSD strictly follows a future-oriented roadmap to accelerate the merchandizing approach by connecting with renowned digital assets payment gateways, liquidity providers, secure wallets and card processors.

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