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Team of ONEUSD is trying to answer all of the questions regarding the token’s technical and executive issues. Below, you can find a list of them. In case of not finding your exact answer, please feel free to get in touch with our team and a member will get back to you accordingly:

  • What is ONEUSD? 1 Dollar, (Ticker: ONEUSD) is an algorithmic digital currency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) main network and pegged with a stablecoin pricing scale. The price is matched with a stable ratio with USD, 1:1.
  • How does ONEUSD work? It aims to use the bridging technology by wrapping a smart contract for deploying on another blockchain ecosystem. The main smart contract was deployed on the Ethereum, whereas the wrapped one is built and verified on the BSC. By using a balancer, ONEUSD gains the pricing stability in matching with the wrapped smart contract.
  • Is ONEUSD built on a decentralized platform? Yes, it uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain ecosystem which is a fully decentralized platform for its supported digital currencies.
  • How many tokens have been minted? Initially, 100 million tokens have been minted. Since ONEUSD’s smart contract is uncapped, more tokens will be minted in a timely manner.
  • How can I deposit ONEUSD in my account? You can use any BEP-20 token supported wallets (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Arkane Wallet,…) or use our contributed custody solution in partnership with merchants and custody service providers. Do your own research to select the best method of depositing your tokens in a secure wallet or custody account.
  • How can I transfer my ONEUSD tokens to another account? To transfer ONEUSD between two BSC accounts (wallet addresses), you can use a BSC-supported wallet. A list of available BSC-supported wallets is available here.
  • Is ONEUSD a regulated digital currency? This is a continuous process to provide technical and legal regulations and audits for ONEUSD. You can check the current and upcoming regulations in “Documentation” section.
  • Is ONEUSD available to exchange with other digital assets? Absolutely! Traders can exchange their digital assets with ONEUSD by using the pairs in exchanges and payment gateway facilitators. The executive team of ONEUSD aims to provide various exchange solutions with other major digital assets to ease the pairing process constantly.
  • What are the main benefits and advantages of using ONEUSD? The main advantage is presenting a stable digital currency as a utility to facilitate the trading process in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystems. As a value-added credit, ONEUSD aims to prevent the market volatilization and control the risk of trades with other digital currencies as a Protocol of Finance (ProtoFi). To read more about the features, you can refer to this page.
  • Is there any specified terms to deposit ONEUSD? ONEUSD is a decentralized utility and there are no general terms to deposit it as a digital asset. However, in some cases; our team may ask more identification documents or proofs to pass and confirm an internal KYC procedure.
  • Should I pay any commission fee to trade with ONEUSD? It entirely depends on the exchanges and their trading commission rates. ONEUSD does not charge any internal commissions to deposit.
  • How can I follow the activities of ONEUSD?