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ONEUSD has a direct open pair with Binance USD (BUSD) on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange platform. To add the liquidity or swap a currency with ONEUSD, traders can refer to its direct swap link. Initial price and swap ratio is 1:1 with BUSD, which confirms the stable action of ONEUSD against BUSD. Traders and swappers must take this into consideration in terms of making a successful trade on PancakeSwap.

ONE-USD is launching its first initial token distribution offerings during the second and third weeks of June 2021, after passing a successful initial funding roundup.

Some important tips and notes:

  • Do not act before receiving a confirmation email from which is the ONLY valid email to communicate with participants of this roundup. Other email accounts are not authenticate and must be ignored.
  • ONEUSD does not organize any parallel airdrop stages. Traders and participants are avoided to join the external campaigns.
  • Use your own wallet’s account to facilitate the process of transferring the tokens to your account.