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Accelerate the DeFi Interoperation

ONEUSD Solutions DifferencesRoadmap

Technical and legal infrastructures of 1 Dollar (ONEUSD) aim to present and develop its milestones in a long-term approach:

Well Documented

Smart contract security audit report and legal opinion to warrant the utility actions

Functional, But Simple To Use

Compatible and configurable with major native blockchain ecosystems seamlessly

Scalable Performance

Plan to develop the technical and business opportunities to sustain the DeFi sharp market

Significant Features AddonsStrengths

Market Stability

Constant functional actions to stabilize the liquidity

Decentralized Governance

Auto-manage the actions in a secure peer to peer network

Exchangeable Utility

Available to pair with major cryptocurrencies through the listed exchanges

Audited Performance

Technical and legal auditing statements to warrant the utility actions

Multichain Approach

Aims to support the trade and exchange in a stable ratio through multichain ecosystems

Community Development

Strategic plan to sustain and develop the community of contributors and stakeholders